The Crew at WebGear have been dedicated to providing professionally designed car wash websites and Internet marketing solutions for the Car Wash Industry since 2003.

Our experience in developing Internet based solutions for the carwash industry has given us insight into the specific web design & development needs of car wash operators, vendors, distributors and associations. This insight and experience in the carwash industry doesn't only come from being website developers & designers but as car wash operators, distributors and manufacturers as well!

The WebGear CMS Platform is built for Car Wash websites!

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A Website Platform <designed> to support Car Wash Services...

Support for Multiple Locations

Design structure to smartly present operations with multiple locations

Flexible Car Wash Menus

Car wash menus laid out in an easy to read comparison format

Sell Gift Cards & Booklets

Sell car wash gift cards, booklets and plans using the eCommerce Module

Email Signup Module

Email list signup system strategicaly designed to encourage list growth

Coupon Management System

Restrict valuable coupons to customers who have joined your Email Club!
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Car Wash Code Module

Upload car wash codes from your POS and use for marketing campaigns!

Detailed Location Information

Provide detailed location information for each and every location

Common Sense Detailing Menus

Detailing menus structured with "beauty-shots" specific to individual services

Sell Unlimited Car Washes

Display Unlimited Car Wash info with Join, Cancel & Change Car forms

Provide Fleet Information

Encourage commercial customers to signup online for your Fleet Program

A "Mobile Friendly" Website System

Incorporating a mobile friendly website solution as part of your Intnernet marketing strategy is imperative! As of April 21, 2015, Google launched a new initiative where they will be "rewarding" mobile friendly web site as part of their Search Engine Ranking algorithms.

We saw this coming some time ago and have built our CMS system to support mobile friendly web sites that not only make it easy to use on a mobile device but is also "synchronized" with the "desktop" version of your web site.

  • Easy to use home page designed with the mobile user in mind. Quick access to the most important functions
  • A quick and easy to use menu bar located at the top. Every page comes with an unobtrusive “Back to Top” functionality.
  • Give mobile users an easy way to find your nearest location to them using their phone’s GPS or by a starting address.
  • Allows the visitor to quickly view what services are available at the location they have chosen to view.
  • Whether its articles, services details or blog posts, your content will be displayed in a mobile friendly format.
  • Give your mobile visitors an easy way to purchase Gift Cards & Unlimited Wash Plans online!

A Single System for Carwash Internet Marketing