Track your visitors in realtime and enjoy the benefits of increased sales and customer satisfaction by providing real-time communication through your website.

CITALIVE is an all-in-one solution for Live Web Statistics, Live Visitor Chat, Proactive Visitor Engaging, Prospect Detection, Web Analytics, Click To Call Back, and more. CITALIVE is for businesses that want to take advantage of the full capabilities that their websites have to offer. It allows you to watch visitors activity on your website in real time, to engage online customers and to chat with visitors as they are browsing the contents of your website. Visitors can request live chat sessions with operators without leaving your site or downloading anything.

CITALIVE will help to promote more sales & conversions, improve customer support, improve website usability and get the best ROI from your on-line Internet marketing solution!

Watch Your Web Site Visitor Activity In Real Time - Live Web Stats

Real-Time Visitor Tracking CITALIVE gives you a real time display of your web site visitor activity. Watch live statistics as visitors arrive at your site and move from page to page. You can also select the visitors referrer and instantly see how they arrived at your site. CITALIVE strips out spiders and other automated 'bots' and shows them separately - so you can concentrate on your real visitors.

Have more than one website to track? setup live stats monitoring for multiple web sites. You can even view live stats remotely from any PC or take advantage of the "Web Access" feature. This allows you to view your web server statistics from any browser.

CITALIVE can alert you in real time via email when any page errors are detected, or if your site stops responding. Being able to watch visitor activity in real time enables you to make quick changes to your web site and instantly see how visitors react.

While providing live statistics, CITALIVE updates a database of traffic history and provides detailed web analytics reporting. Over 75 web site statistics and web analytics reports are included and you can create your own using standard SQL queries.

CITALIVE! gives you a much clearer view of your web site's popularity than traditional web analytics. It tracks only visitors (not page or graphic file 'hits') and displays visiting spiders (web crawlers or bots) separately. You can even exclude certain visitors (for example, yourself), giving you and accurate view of your site's 'human' visitors.

Proactively Engage Visitors and initiate real-time sales or customer support right from your website

Proactively Engage Vistors

CITALIVE enables your web site visitors to request live chat sessions at any time while they are on your site. CITALIVE also allows you to take this a stage further and proactively engage visitors.

Operators can send visitors proactive 'invite' messages, asking them if they need assistance. These appear to the visitor as a moving image that floats across their browser screen.

The visitor can choose to accept the invitation and start a live chat session. Invites are NOT popups, so will not get blocked by the visitors popup blocker or other security software. They are simply part of your existing page that becomes visible when you send an invite request.

Invite messages can be custom graphic files, or text-based messages. The text you send can be specific to each visitor.

Use Live-Chat to provide the ultimate in website based sales and customer support by giving your visitors the ability to immediately communicate with you.

Live Chat

CITALIVE enables your web site visitors to request live chat sessions at any time while they are on your site. CITALIVE also allows you to take this a stage further and proactively engage visitors.

CITALIVE enables you to add live help and visitor chat to your web site. This allows visitors on your web site to chat to operators within your organization in real time - as they are browsing. Use CITALIVE! to watch your web site visitor activity in real time and interact with your visitors by providing live web chat, live help and live person to person assistance directly on your website.

Providing live chat on your site gives you two important competitive advantages:

  1. Visitors can see that REAL people are behind the company. Even if a visitor chooses not to chat to you – the fact that they can see that you are ready and waiting will give them added confidence to do business with you.
  2. Providing live chat directly on your web site is the quickest way for your visitors to get information they need about your products or services. This will increase sales and improve customer support.

Real-Time Sales & Customer Support

Provide real time customer support, sales assistance and live help directly from your web site. Let your customers talk to you as they browse! Watch visitors browsing your pages and pro-actively invite them to chat! Push pages to the visitor while chatting.

Click-To-Callback Feature

Click-To-Callback Feature

CITALIVE enables you to quickly add click-to-call-back to your web site. Your visitors will be able to click a link and fill in a simple form to request a call back from someone within your organization. The call back notification process is handled automatically and details of each call back request is stored in the CITALIVE database.

Prospect Tracking

CITALIVE can be setup to detect 'Prospects' and 'Customers' by watching which pages a visitor is requesting. You can run web reports on the number of prospects and customers detected against criteria such as referrers and keywords.

Prospect & Customer Detection allows you to focus on visitors to your site that are potential customers. You can define a set of rules and key pages that when viewed, a visitor will be flagged as a 'Prospect'. This can be over multiple visits. CITALIVE then credits the first referrer with the prospect.

Prospect Detection allows you to track advertisement ROI much more accurately than traditional hit counts. You can view reports of top Keywords & Referrers by Prospect & Customer count.

Accurate Web Analytics / Statistics

CITALIVE includes detailed historical web analytics reporting. Not only does it show a 'live' view of your website, you can also run web analytic reports in the same way as traditional 'log analyzer' products. CITALIVE! is an ideal compliment to your existing web analytics tools.

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