A Full Featured Business Email Solution

To include 2GB  of space / per email box, world class web mail, complete Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, and over the air synchronization with most mobile devices i.e., BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices and more...

Microsoft Exchange Alternative

The Cost-effective Microsoft Exchange Alternative.

SmarterMail is a feature-rich Windows mail server that brings the power of enterprise-level functionality and collaboration to businesses and hosting environment. As an affordable Microsoft Exchange alternative, it provides 98% antispam, robust antivirus, detailed reporting and email archiving to name a few.

World-class  Webmail Interface

World-class Webmail Interface.

Industry-leading Webmail interface for accessing email, calendaring, contacts and notes as well as complete server administration. Full collaboration functionality and shared calendars, tasks, notes and folders are also available, as well as reminders and alerts, bringing the features and performance of a desktop application to the Web.

Over-the-Air  Synchronization

Over-the-Air Synchronization with BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile Devices.

SmarterMail includes the SyncML protocol to achieve over-the-air synchronization of contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. Users can send and receive email messages directly from their mobile devices. Most devices are supported, including BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration for the Office and the Enterprise.

SmarterMail provides robust collaboration features with folders, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes which can be fully synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices. It is built from the ground up to be a foundation for a completed communications platform.

Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook

Complete Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

Ability to fully utilize Microsoft Outlook beyond the capabilities of most mail servers. Users can "two-way" sync between the SmarterMail Web Interface and Microsoft Outlook - allowing changes and additions to folders, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to be concurrently available. 

99% Antispam  Technologies

99% Antispam Technologies Included!

SmarterMail's antispam technologies allow customized levels of protection with flexible configurations on multiple antispam processes, including Greylisting, Sender Policy Framework(SPF), DomainKeys, Custom Headers, Bayesian Filtering, Reverse Domain Name Server(rDNS), Real-Time Blacklisting (RBL), Blacklists/Whitelists, Domain Forwarder filtering and much more!