Coupon Management Made...Powerful!

The "Coupon Management Module" enables you to create, edit and manage coupon offerings for your business. It's easy to use and very powerful in that it will allow you to grow your business!
  • Import one-time-use Car Wash Codes from your point of sale and use them on your coupons.
  • Enabled "barcodes" on your coupons that your "Point Of Sale" can scan and read.
  • Create generic coupons, with or without barcodes for "low value" discounts.
  • Email coupons and have them delivered right to your customers inbox.
  • Easily send dissatisfied customers a barcoded coupon for a FREE Car Wash right from your own website!

Constant Contact Integration

Integrated with the Constant Contact Email Module, you can provide discount coupons to loyal customers who are part of your Email Marketing List.
  • Offer Coupons only available to customers who are part of your email marketing database
  • Give your Customers a one-time-use code for a high value discount or a FREE car wash for joining your Email Marketing list!

Coupon Management Demo...Create your own Coupon!

Give our "Demo" a try and see how you might provide your customers with a great value while growing your business!