If you're looking for a web hosting service that gives you speed, features, reliability and control, Citadelnetworks has a web site hosting package that not only fits your needs but fits your budget!

Built upon powerful, Quad-Core Dell Servers and the latest Windows Server 2008 operating system, we've incorporated only the "best-of-breed" hosting technologies that gives you the control you want, the reliability you need and the features your visitors will appreciate!

Demo DotNetPanel!
If you would like to see for yourself how easy it is to manage your own hosting services, click here to give DNP a test drive!

Username: demouser
Password: demouser1

Built on the solid foundation of Windows Server 2008, your web hosting services starts with the DotNetPanel Hosting Control System (DNP).

DNP Lets you control virtually every aspect of your web hosting service and efficiently monitor and manage allocated quotas such as bandwidth, disk-space, websites and more.

Best of all, when you need additional resources, you can go to the purchase center, select the resources you need and the system will automatically provision your newly purchased resources!

Manage IIS7 Web Site Properties
Manage multiple web site from one area. You can even add additional web sites as needed. If you're a web designer, click here to check out our bulk "reseller" plans
Manage Email Services
  • Add / Edit / Delete Email Accounts
  • Email Aliases & Forwarders
  • Groups & Lists
  • Provision disk space per user
Manage FTP Accounts
  • Create & Manage Users
  • Control Directory Access
Manage DNS Service
  • Add, edit and delete DNS records (advanced users)
Manage Database Hosting Services
  • Create, Back-Up and Restore MSSQL & MySQL databases
  • Create, manage and assign database "users"
  • Directly edit your databases via phpMyAdmin for MySQL and myLittleAdmin for MSSQL