SmarterStats is the perfect solution for providing intuitive website statistics for companies, small businesses and individuals. 


*New* Specify inverse filters
SmarterStats Web Site AnalyticsWhen creating filter sets, users can now specify an inverse filter by adding a (!) symbol at the beginning of the original filter. Inverse filters are helpful if users just want to display the information about a specific directory or resource, and hide the remainder.

*New* Customizable chart views
Create charts to your personal liking. SmarterStats gives the user the choice of customizing the look of their charts. Choices include, three-dimensional or two-dimensional, line charts, bar charts, or pie charts.

*New* Filter sets
Develop reports that only include the data you need. With filter sets, users can create multiple sets of data that limit the return values of their reports, in turn making them easier to analyze.

*New* Data mining
Find out exactly where you site is excelling and where is needs help. Data mining allows you to drill-down and receive a complete analysis of your sites statistical data through a series of simple questions.

Intuitive home page
View commonly used reports with ease. SmarterStats calculates the most useful report items and displays these charts on the home page (first page) when the program starts up.

Intelligently organized report items
Reporting doesn’t get any easier. Whether it is a SEO report or a Site Activity report, with SmarterStats organized reports, users can quickly find just the type of report they need.

Standard reports (CEO, SEO, Webmaster)
Have reports ready at the click of a button. SmarterStats’s standard reports are preset reports that include various items depending on the type of report selected. Some of the report categories include: CEO, SEO, and webmaster. Each category has elements useful to that particular role.

Geographic mapping
Understand your website’s traffic by pin-pointing the geographical location. SmarterStats uses a very efficient and accurate Geographic engine based on databases provided by MaxMind.

Custom reports
Create reports that target the areas you specifically want to focus on. With custom reporting users’ have the flexibility of adding in any item that would be most beneficial to them.

*New* Report data exporting
Be prepared for that office meeting. After users create their reports they can then export these reports as either "CSV" or "TAB" delimited files, which are compatible with programs such as Microsoft Excel®.

Log file exporting
Improve your work efficiency. SmarterStats allows you to export your log files in any log file format, regardless of the original web server that initially created them.

Save time and improve your work flow by creating favorites. This new feature allows you to quickly access common reports and settings, similar to a shortcut.

Custom date ranges
Fine tune your reports to the exact date you require. SmarterStats provides the user with fully adjustable date ranges. Reports dates range from days, to weeks, to months, to multiple years, which ever you see fit.

Time-zone specific reporting
Ensure that the times depicted in your reports are accurate with time-specific reporting. No matter where you are located, SmarterStats is able to adjust the time or your traffic to your local time-zone.

On-Demand email reports
Need that report sending as soon as possible? No problem. With this feature, SmarterStats allows users to email any report at any time.

Scheduled email reports
Receive the right report at the most appropriate time. SmarterStats lets you schedule times to have your reports emailed to yourself and/or your colleagues, ensuring the report will always be there when you need it.