DotNetPanel Web Hosting Management System
Powerful File Manager

Very powerful File Browser will allow you to completely forget about FTP. It includes zip/unzip operations in addition to other standard ones such as copying/moving files, creating files/folders, deleting files/folders.

It introduces “zip – deploy – unzip” paradigm that allows you to deploy applications quickly and easily without using of FTP.

It is a good news for users who are behind the firewall and can't use FTP protocol! File Browser doesn't require any specific network settings to work with it.

Manage Web Sites and Virtual Directories

DotNetPanel introduces more intuitive and simple "Web Site" paradigm instead of traditional "Domain" one. You manage real web sites and virtual directories with almost all their properties: security settings, default documents, custom errors, MIME types, FrontPage extensions, etc.

You can change the location of root web site folder or virtual directory at any time after creation!

Database Backup/Restore No other Windows control panel today has such a useful feature as database backup/restore. We have it! You can backup/restore SQL Server and MySQL databases!
User Peers You can allow your friends or co-workers joining your hosting account by creating peer user accounts for them! Together with separate DotNetNuke portal you can create your private "corner" that can be customized whatever you like!
System Users and Groups The classic way for creating user accounts in other control panels for using with SQL Server Reporting Services or SharePoint Team Services is using FTP ones. It is extremely inconvenient! DotNetPanel proposes a separate module for managing OS user accounts and groups.
Web Applications Installer Using Web Applications Installer module, such applications as DotNetNuke, CommunityServer, Starter Kits and others can be installed with a single click! Web Applications Installer has an extensible architecture allowing administrator to add additional installation packages.