• Apply discounts by product, category or to the entire store
  • Can also base discount on total amount of order
  • Can group products together for a certain discount
  • Discounts can be based on a coupon code that customer must enter
  • Offer discounts only to certain user groups
  • Discounts can be a specific amount off, or a percentage
  • Discount can be offered if certain amount spent, or specific quantity purchased
  • Promotion module for additional types of discounts and specials
  • Promotions use one criteria to determine if the order qualifies, but applies the discount to another item, to do specials like "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" or "Buy 2 get a 3rd half price".
  • Can set promotions to automatically multiply and/or add discounted (free) items to the cart
  • Both discounts and promotions can have an access key applied so that the customer must purchase a membership to receive the specials

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