Detect, Prevent, and Limit

The Notification Profile Setup page within the SmarterMail 5.x Web interface

The new SmarterMail 5.x interface adds a new Security Section to support the existing security features and includes even more protections. With the introduction of these new features, the security scheme will often be referred to as the "DETECT, PREVENT, and LIMIT" foundation.

Capable Antivirus

SmarterMail comes pre-loaded with ClamAV antivirus installed and ready to go, right-out-of-the-box. ClamAV is a premier, open-source project offering superior protection that resides on the primary mail server, or—in high volume environments—on a remote server helping to reduce the burden of the SmarterMail sever. Also for high volume environments, SmarterMail supports third-party real-time and command-line antivirus.

Automatic Attack Prevention

SmarterMail boasts intrusion detection, harvest attack and denial of service attack prevention, SMTP authentication, malicious script filtering, and more.

Additional Protection

Other security features available within SmarterMail are:

  • Supports SSL/TLS connections
  • DomainKeys
  • Connection Blocking
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Optional alternate SMTP port
  • Many more