Event-driven Notifications and Actions

The Reminders popup window from within the SmarterMail 5.x Web interface

SmarterMail 5.x is one of the first Mail Servers designed to be Event-driven. There are now a virtually infinite number of Event/Action combinations that can be created and used to provide notifications and—more importantly—cause specific pre-defined actions to be implemented. There is almost no end to the number of ways that Events can be used.

SmarterMail Brings the Message to You

Individual users can be informed via SMS text message or email to any address when a specific email arrives in their mailbox, an appointment reminder has occurred, their mailbox is getting full, and much more—all combined into dozens of possible combinations.

Experience the Future of Mail Server Administration

Administrators have all of the Event capability of the user-level and gain system warnings, server notices, intrusion detection, and a host of other possibilities. Further, in addition to notifications, administrators have the ability to perform actions upon those Events.

  • Did a domain reach a Throttling threshold?
  • Did the mail server detect an intrusion?
  • Did a user exceed a pre-set mail size limit?
  • Did the administrator stop SMTP?
The Notification Profile Setup page within the SmarterMail 5.x Web interface

Take Action, Now!

Events and Notifications are one thing, taking immediate action is another. SmarterMail 5.x can be configured to perform automated tasks based upon the parameters that you set for your domain or system.

  • Size Limits can be enforced
  • Intruders can be blocked
  • Warnings can be sent
  • Command-line executables can be launched
  • Much more….

There is no limit to the types of Events, Notifications, and Actions you can preset and use to maximize the effectiveness of your systems and administrative team.